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  1. Downloading New Software

    Be wary of all software you download and install. Often "free" software is supported by adware that is installed on your system without your knowledge. Often all that is required is a quick search through discussion forums. For example if you are downloading "program x", then a search for "does program x contain spyware" will usually yield several results if it does indeed include spyware.

    When you do install software, be sure to pay special attention to any End User Agreements you are accepting. These are often long and frustrating to read, however they may reveal important information about what exactly you are installing.

  2. Keeping Updated

    Any system protection software you have should be updated regularly to ensure you are protected against the latest threats. This includes PCSafe AdwareFilter as well as any anti-virus software or firewall you have installed. In addition, always keep Windows itself updated with the latest security patches and other critical updates.

  3. Website Components

    Much adware and spyware comes in the form of web browser components and plugins. Be very careful when you receive a security warning in your web browser. Never accept installing a component unless you are 100% certain that you trust the website that is prompting you to do so.

  4. Email Safety

    With the proliferation of e-mail viruses and the spread of other malware through e-mail, one must be very careful when opening e-mail attachments. As a general rule, never open an e-mail attachment unless you know what it is and were expecting to receive it. Checking if the e-mail From a friend is no longer adequate since mass mailers typically "spoof" the from address to look like it is from someone you know, even if the message was automatically generated.

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