AdwareFilter Frequently Asked Questions
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  1. Where can I download PCSafe AdwareFilter?

    If you have already subscribed and activated your AdwareFilter you can download the latest version of AdwareFilter from the following URL:

    Otherwise, you should download the free-scan version of AdwareFilter.

  2. How do I install PCSafe AdwareFilter?

    1. Go to and click on Member Services
    2. Enter your username and password and click Login
    3. Select View License Key and Download Adware Filter
    4. Click on the Download box on the screen
    5. Follow the instructions on the screen to download and install Adware Filter
    6. If your system allows cookies, the program should activate automatically
    7. If your system does not allow cookies, or the program does not activate, copy the License Key from the Member Services area and paste it into the License Key box on the Main screen of Adware Filter. Then click on the link below it.
    8. You will know the program is activated when the License Key box is gone from the Main screen

    NOTE: You can also activate AdwareFilter by typing your registered username and password into the areas provided on the Help panel and click Activate.

  3. How do I install AdwareFilter on multiple computers?

    If you have an active subscription for AdwareFilter you can download the latest version of AdwareFilter from the following URL:

    Run the downloaded file to install a copy of AdwareFilter on any computer.

    After AdwareFilter starts click the Help icon in the upper left corner of the AdwareFilter window.

    In the Help panel of the AdwareFilter window enter your registration username and password then click the Activate link.

    If you do not recall your username or password click the Member Services tab at our web site and click the link to retrieve your username and password.

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