AdwareFilter Frequently Asked Questions
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  1. How do I renew PCSafe AdwareFilter?

    Please follow these steps to renew:

    1. Go to
    2. Click on Member Services
    3. Enter your username and password
    4. Select Purchase/Renew PCSafe Adware Filter
    5. Complete the purchase information

    Once you have completed the renewal purchase, you may need to activate your program. Until you have completed the steps below, please keep the renewal screen open.

    1. Open Adware Filter
    2. Click on Check for Updates
    3. Once the update is complete, click on Help and verify the following information:
    a. Your App version (upper left hand column) is 2.5.1 or later
    b. Your Username and Password are present on the right side (Password will be encrypted)
    c. Your Expiration Date on the lower right side has been updated to a year from now
    4. If so, you are activated and ready to use the program
    5. If the version is older, you will need to uninstall and click on the Download link from the Member Services section to download the latest version of the program
    6. If the version is correct but the Expiration Date did not change, you will need to copy the License Key from the Member Services page to the Main screen of Adware Filter, place it in the License Key box and click the link below to Activate.

    If you need any further assistance, please let us know.

  2. What if I've added computers and need another license?

    You will be able to add licenses to cover additional machines during the renewal process. There will be a box to add the additional licenses. You will also need to pay for these additional licenses. All licenses purchased during renewal will retain the same renewal date.

  3. What happens if I let my subscription expire?

    You will no longer receive version upgrades or revisions, and you will no longer be able to automatically clean your computer of spyware and adware found by AdwareFilter.

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